A Play-by-Nova roleplay game.

Welcome to the Valkyrie!

A Nova sim based on the Firefly/Serenity universe. An unlikely group looking to find their place in the ‘verse answer an add for a firefly that's currently hiring a crew. The crew all seem to be running from something, mostly their pasts and people they’ve left behind. Some are looking for redemption, others revenge.

Their benefactor is Alice, from an upper class core family who ran away to the rim to marry her husband. Trying to help the browncoats during the war he was executed, leaving behind a young Son. The man who delivered the news, was Lucas, now the captain of the ship. Forced to witness the execution and watch his friends die around him at the battle of Serenity Valley.

So far they've hired a disgraced would-be compaion who loves to fly, an unlikely looking gunslinger on the run from her fiance, a silent and mildly psychotic teen orphan, and a engineer of a thousand hesitations. Will you answer their ad and join the crew of the Valkyrie?

Latest Mission Posts

» It’s in the Water

Mission: I Don't Care, I'm Still Free
Posted on 16 Apr 2019 @ 4:13pm by Lucas Bird & Adam Johnson & Jacobina Newton & Natalia Johnson & Sebastian Reeve

One thing Natalia never tired of was being looked at. Looks both furtive and open followed her wherever she went. At first it had been an annoyance, back on Santo, she had been singled out for her looks when all she wanted really was a quiet life, to be left…

» Taking Out The Trash

Mission: I Don't Care, I'm Still Free
Posted on 14 Mar 2019 @ 6:33pm by Lucas Bird & Zhong Qi & Gabrielle Lemaire & Tabitha & Jacobina Newton

Luke couldn't wait to see the back of the two men who'd caused so much trouble during their short time on his boat, but he wasn't going to breathe easy until they were back in the black without them. Right now they were hauling their belongings out of their cabin…

» Up a creek without a paddle

Mission: I Don't Care, I'm Still Free
Posted on 01 Feb 2019 @ 5:11pm by Adam Johnson & Natalia Johnson & Sebastian Reeve

Sebastian made his way down the corridor of the small luxury craft. Crew were moving about as they prepared for launch, and none of them paid Sebastian any mind in his nice suit as he walked past them. Even though he should be in the dining room with the other…

» Everyone Else Has a Purpose so What's Mine?

Mission: I Don't Care, I'm Still Free
Posted on 03 Oct 2018 @ 4:18pm by Tabitha & Xiuling Brooke & Lucas Bird

Luke had decided to try and catch both girls together with his offer, so the next day when he knew they were both guranteed to be in the galley he'd left his guns in his bunk and headed in. When he arrived Xiuling was laughing as she stirred a bubbling…

» The Shit Heel Demographic

Mission: I Don't Care, I'm Still Free
Posted on 03 Oct 2018 @ 4:12pm by Gabrielle Lemaire & Zhong Qi & Lucas Bird & Jacobina Newton

Luke had a decision to make, Nick and Reeve were leaving, which left him deck hands and a hired gun short. In the few days they'd been here, he'd gotten used to have Tabitha and Xiuling around, and the thought of dumping them on the next planet with nothing left…

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