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Alice Mathieson-Song

Name Alice Mathieson-Song

Position Patron

Character Information

Gender female
Date of Birth 2481
Homeworld Ariel
Affiliation Browncoat

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 8"
Hair Color brown
Eye Color grey


Spouse Song Yáng (2481–2511, deceased)
Children Song Jiang (b. 2501)
Parents Matthias Mathieson III (b. 2458), Zali Mathieson (b. 2461)
Siblings Matthias Mathieson IV (b. 2485), Easter Mathieson (b. 2487), Wendy Mathieson (b. 2490), Alastair Mathieson (b. 2500)
Other Family Daphne Mathieson (b. 2487, sister-in-law, married to Matthias Mathieson IV), Yvonne Blevins (b. 2486, sister-in-law, married to Easter Mathieson), Anja Mathieson (b. 2406, daughter of Matthias & Daphne), Cecilia Mathieson (b. 2408, daughter of Matthias & Daphne), Hugo Mathieson (b. 2410, son of Matthias & Daphne), Ema Blevins-Mathieson (b. 2410, adopted daughter of Easter & Yvonne)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Alice was born to a wealthy family on Ariel, and was raised in the lap of luxury. The best schooling, connections, hobbies—you name it, she had it—but she always longed for what her parents wouldn’t let her have: freedom. Every way she turned as she grew up she was limited by society and the heavy expectations that lay upon her shoulders from her parents. At nineteen she shocked the whole family by eloping with a man she met during the course of learning the family business, a mechanic named Yáng who’d been working for a contract shipping company. The two moved to Hera and set up a farm, soon after having a son named Jiang.
Strengths, Weaknesses & Ambitions All that fancy learning her father gave her means that Alice can manage nearly anything that crosses her desk—books, scheduling, sales contracts, you name it—and this has done her well in managing the business she built from the ground up with her late husband. It is the one-two punch of being a woman outside the core with a short temper and a highly passionate drive in life to not be held back that often gives her the most trouble. When her husband still lived, she often had to let him present himself as the brains of the operation—he was more than happy to follow her lead in private—and since his passing she’s had to work very hard to find men she can trust to be her face in her business dealings.

She feels responsible for Yáng having been at the battle of Serenity, where he was killed, and she seeks to find some measure of relief from the guilt she feels. Otherwise she just wants to continue to build her business so that her son, Jiang, can one day take over and hopefully know security and peace.
Hobbies & Interests She doesn't take time to relax much, much of her time is spent focused on her business. When she does, her focus is usually on her son. The two have been known to go on week long camping trips on horseback during the summer, and the two enjoy spending the evenings stargazing together. Jiang has recently taken an interest in cooking, and Alice enjoys tasting his culinary creations.

History Her father was a senior board member of his father’s pharmaceuticals company when Alice was born. He stepped into the CEO position when Alice was six and her grandfather, Matthias Mathieson Jr., decided to step down to a board position to spend more time with his wife as their children had all left the nest. From a young age, it was clear that both her father and her grandfather expected Alice would follow in her father’s footsteps and her education had reflected that. Much time was spent on building the fundamentals of finance and asset management, as well as rounding out her education with any number of enrichments such as horseback riding, art, language, history. Her schedule was so carefully managed for her by her parents from as young as she could remember, it hadn’t even occurred to her that it could be any other way until the first time she talked to one of her father’s employees during one of her early intern sessions when she was fourteen.

At first, she just tried to occasionally steal time for herself to do as she pleased, but as she continued to run against the barrier that her mother’s careful planning caused, she grew upset and frustrated. She started acting out, finding small ways to rebel and sabotage her parents’ efforts at first, but slowly growing more and more hard to manage. She became a focus of the society gossip, and the large number of suitors she had after her débutante ball slowly dwindled as she pushed them away both with her rebuffs and her scandalous behavior. Despite these setbacks, her father was convinced that she’d eventually come in line and maintained her internship at his company with intention to hire her after her schooling was complete, hoping that the continued application of the work discipline would settle her down.

His plans came unraveled when she met Yáng. He was the mechanic for one of the ships that the company contracted with to deliver the pharmaceuticals to hospitals all over the core, and Alice was taken by him almost immediately upon meeting him. For months, every time his ship was in the area she’d sneak out of the house late at night to go out dancing and drinking together, catch late plays and opera, and any number of other things to allow them to bond. Not even a year later, she decided to ask him to marry her—he was so surprised by it that he’d made her wait through a whole shipping run before he finally gave her his answer. When she told her parents, intending to have a society wedding as she’d been taught to expect her whole life, they were furious and demanded she call it off. Instead she packed up everything she held of value into a bag and met Yáng at the docks when his ship was ready to push off on its next run. Quick talking to the captain—as well as a sizable bribe—saw that she was on board when they departed, and she and Yáng parted from the ship after the delivery was made.

After a courthouse wedding, they eventually ended up on Hera, and between his payout for his share on the ship he’d worked on and what money she’d withdrawn from her personal accounts before they’d been frozen, they had enough to stake a claim and start a farm. Their son Jiang came soon after, and for the next six years they built a happy family home and a successful business. Then the Unification War came, and the Alliance attempted to secure as much of the farms and food processing resources on the planet as they could. Though forced to comply when the Alliance showed up at their door, Alice and Yáng wouldn’t give in completely—they publicly complied with the Alliances demands, but they quickly worked out a black market chain to get part of all their harvests to the Browncoat forces. Yáng joined the Browncoats to help coordinate from within, and though Alice presented it as her husband had abandoned her and their young son, in actuality, she was the brains behind the scheme.

Even as the war wound its way to the end with it becoming more and more clear that the Alliance was likely to win, Alice and Yáng maintained their secret supply lines with the Alliance none the wiser. It was a stroke of bad luck that Yáng had been on Hera to visit Alice and Jiang, as well as oversee the movements of the latest clandestine shipment, and had been rejoining the Browncoat forces as the Battle of Serenity Valley broke out. Trapped by the fighting and the superior forces of the Alliance, Yáng did his best to keep his head low and support the more battle hardened troops as best he could—primarily in the form of scavenging and repairing weaponry, and providing basic medical care. Unfortunately, his efforts failed. Alice was devastated when the news reached her of her husband’s fate. She blamed herself, believing that if she hadn’t insisted he stay the extra night he might have been off planet again before the battle broke out, and knowing that if she hadn’t suggested the scheme in the first place, he wouldn’t have even been with the Browncoat forces to be taken.

In the wake of this loss, she temporarily passed day to day control of her farm to one of her most trusted supervisors and returned to the core. Jiang finally met his grandparents, as well as his aunts, uncles, and cousins, and Alice’s family begged her to stay and rebuild her life in the core. Her father insisted she could manage her farm remotely, and had unlocked her accounts for the first time since she’d left home. At first that had been a welcome suggestion as every moment she’d been in the farm house since she’d received the news she was reminded of Yáng’s presence in everything—the two of them had a direct hand in building the whole house.

In the end, being on Ariel reminded her too much of those who'd taken her husband's life—Alliance soldiers were a common sight day to day. She returned to Hera, this time on better terms with her family and an open invitation for them to come visit her. These days, she takes a comfort from being surrounded by the house and business she and Yáng built together, as they stand testament to the time they had and the legacy that she'll leave her son.

She has recently taken on majority share of a Firefly class vessel named Valkyrie, and taken on Lucas Bird as her captain, giving him a minority stake in the ship.

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