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Adam Johnson

Name Adam Johnson

Position Enemy

Character Information

Gender Male
Date of Birth 2479
Homeworld Paquin
Affiliation Unaffiliated

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 11"
Weight 159lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Not exactly lean, but not too beefy either Adam has always prided himself on being just the right build to be underestimated or intimidating depending on what he needs to be right at that moment. He dresses like you might expect of a conman, he's a chameleon, looking like he fits in whatever he needs to wear to play the part. He'll tell you that the secret is the fit, an ill sitting disguise is one that won't hold up.


Spouse Natalia Johnson
Parents Emily Johnson (now remarried)
Terry Johnson (deceased 2486)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Adam is lightfingered, confident and just suave enough to convince those of a higher status that he can be trusted without ostracising those lower down the packing order than himself.
Strengths, Weaknesses & Ambitions Practical, resourceful, goal orientated, confident, suave.

Potential Overconfidence, stubborn, sometimes overlooks details, amoral, untrustworthy, not highly educated.

Motivated by greed and the payout, Adam hopes to build up enough money to retire somewhere no one is going to stab him in the back, but he's got a few more people to swindle first...
Hobbies & Interests Magic - his father taught him magic tricks to entertain passers by before he died, and Adam has continued to learn what he can. He finds it a nice ice breaker.

History Adam grew up amid the bright lights and excitement of Paquin's Main Drag of theatres. The road running parallel to the Opera House was full of small theatres and side shows. Magicians and bit stalls waiting to show you something intriguing or surprising or swindle you out of a silver or two with their just about legal games. He learned magic from his father, as well as how to pickpocket, and from his mother he learned how to smile and draw in the punters they needed to keep their business going.

Then his mother left, ran off with an actor who promised to take her with him as his leading lady and make her a star. Terry was heartbroken, and turned to drink. No matter how many punters Adam's bright and gappy seven year old grin pulled in that was all for nothing when his father fumbled his slight of hand because he was too drunk to see straight. Realising that if he wanted to survive he had to depend on himself, Adam left his father to drown his sorrows in the gutter and joined up with the local gang of miscreants that the law enforcement just didn't have the time or resources to deal with.

He learned the art of the long con as well as the quick swindle, learned how to channel the sleight of hand he learned from his father into more ill gotten gains. His charm and self confidence only grew as he got older, and the leader of the gang taught him how to plan as well as learn how to get people to play to their strengths and spot talent in the people you encounter. Mistakes were made, and that was fine until he let someone upset his relatively cushy lifestyle practically running the small crimes scene on Paquin. At age twenty one, someone talked and his face ended up being known by a few people who weren't going to stand for his kind of crime any more. He made sure the rat didn't live long enough to tell anyone anything of note, but it was enough that he needed to leave.

Thanks to multiple contacts he found work off world, and joined the game of higher stakes and bigger pay outs. He liked working alone, trusting no one, least of all the women who decided he was worth a shot, his mother had taught him one thing he was never going to forget. Women strike when you least expect it. He was fairly well established, had a good thing going with a few people, as well as taking regular jobs on cruise liners as a magician. He helped the cruisers tip a little better than they realised too. War broke out and he went further and further into the underbelly of the verse, everything from running arms to conning the browncoats out of funds for arms that didn't even work.

Towards the end of the war, a rich businessman was looking to offload some of his more 'delicate' possessions, and Adam embarked on setting up the biggest con of his life, the only problem was, he needed a seductress. He met her in a bar, met being a lose term for him having been given her name and location by someone he knew to play the seductress for him. She was sat at a bar with a guy who was clearly married. He followed them out once they were done and saw her give him a goodnight kiss. He collected evidence and waited until the next night. When he saw her approaching another mark he made his move.

He bought her a drink and told her that she was wasting her talent on low level marks like married men, and said he had a job she might be interested in. He made it clear that if she didn't want to participate he had evidence and could go to the local law enforcement and let them know what she was doing. She reluctantly agreed to hear him out, and they set up, ran and finished the con. Her managing to seduce the wealthy business man, and swindle him out of his 'delicate' possessions delivering them right into Adam's waiting hands where he sold them on for three times what they were worth. True to his word he burned his evidence in front of her and they went their separate ways.

A few months later Adam received a wave he had not expected, from Natalia, asking if he was interested in a job. He was wary, considering the number of women who had tried to screw him over in the past, but he accepted. They met up, she explained the job, and he helped her refine it, surprised that they would be playing a married couple, but willing to see it through. By the end of the play they realised that they worked well together, and decided to go into a longer term partnership.

At some point along the way things got a little heated, and although Adam half expected her to stab him in the back he realised that somewhere along the way he'd fallen for her despite himself. He still doesn't trust her completely, and maybe he never will be able to lay aside the instinct to watch his own back, maybe he shouldn't... proposing was a spur of the moment in the jaws of getting completely fucked over 'if we get out of here I'm going to marry you' and was surprised when they got out and she insisted he followed through. He does love her, in his own mostly lustful and slightly distrusting way, but he is more himself with his wife than he is with anyone else.

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