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Sebastian Reeve

Name Sebastian Reeve

Position Enemy

Character Information

Nickname(s) Bast, alias: René Murat
Gender male
Date of Birth July 28, 2390
Homeworld Newhope
Personal Effects lock pick set, tool kit, nice suit, coveralls, encyclopedia with a hacked cortex feed, goggles with a HUD that link to the encyclopedia, a puzzle ring he’d intended to give to his crush when he was in school but never worked up the nerve to talk to him, worn on his right thumb

Physical Appearance

Height 5’4” (1.63m)
Hair Color red
Eye Color blue
Physical Description Often overlooked because of his diminutive size, he is perfectly happy with this because it means he can do more without being challenged. It also makes getting at tight places on various ships easier. He is just as comfortable dressed up or covered in engine grease, allowing him to blend in where needed.


Parents Christopher Horsfall & Tracey Reeve
Siblings Dominic Reeve (half-brother, b. 2380)

Personality & Traits

Strengths, Weaknesses & Ambitions Sebastian looks up to his older brother Dominic, and wants nothing more than his approval. Unfortunately his brother is jealous of his better engineering skills, and has a tendency to keep Sebastian at arm’s length unless he needs something.

Sebastian is a quick study, and can often figure out how something works after only a little bit of time studying it, which makes him very useful in situations where things change unexpectedly or little to no recon can be done ahead of time.

He’s not particularly good at interacting with people. While he blends into crowds particularly well, the moment he’s forced to start talking to people it becomes obvious that he doesn’t quite get social niceties and common interactions between people. He tries to learn, tries to understand… but something keeps it just out of grasp and leaves him more comfortable with machines and computers.

He’s somewhat ambidextrous, though he still favors use of his left hand over his right in many situations.
Hobbies & Interests When he was young, he watched his older brother learn engineering and repair, and was a quick study when allowed to start learning at his side. When he quickly passed his brother up, he tried to hide it when he noticed how upset it made him... but wasn’t very successful at doing so. Even as he tried to hide his skills from his brother, he couldn’t help the draw towards creating new things and was constantly building things from the cast off parts and defective things he could scavenge. He has a number of tools he’s built with improvements over the mass produced versions most people have, as well as a number of specialized gadgets that assist him in his vocation.

He has a fascination with puzzles of all sorts — ranging from physical pieces that require a person figure out how they come apart or go back together, to brain teasers and riddles. He usually has a number of them on hand to keep him occupied when he’s otherwise not busy, and has been known to give them away or just leave them wherever he’s solved them, as once he’s figured them out he doesn’t feel he has a use for them anymore. As an extension of this, he also picked up lock picking, though he’s found this to also have practical application.

History His father died in a mining accident when Sebastian was too little to remember him, and his mother worked long hours to keep a roof over the family’s head and food on the table. As a result Sebastian and Dominic were often left unsupervised for long stretches of time, and as soon as Sebastian was old enough to handle things like making dinner, Dominic tried to mostly ignore him. Sebastian made this hard, as he looked up to his brother, following him as much as he could and lingering on his every word.

Tracey expected both boys to start bring home money as soon as they were old enough to get any honest work. Sebastian managed to get himself an apprenticeship with a local mechanic when he was twelve, and brought in enough money that Tracey could finally start spending more time at home. As time went on with that job, Sebastian was slowly introduced to his master’s business contacts—men of ill repute that often were on the wrong side of the law, but the pay was good enough to justify the risk. It wasn’t long before Sebastian was taking jobs off world and sending as much money home as he could. He tries to make it home to visit his mother regularly, but as the jobs he takes are unpredictable and the locations range so wildly, he’s found that harder and harder as the years push on; especially with the Alliance pushing its authority farther and farther into the black.

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