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Dash Delgado

Name Dash Florian Delgado

Position Muscle

Character Information

Nickname(s) Dash (short for Dashwood)
Gender Male
Date of Birth 13th March 2493
Homeworld Greenleaf
Affiliation Unaligned
Personal Effects A sniper rifle, a pistol, hunting knife, a surprisingly sizeable collection of potted plants he keeps in his cabin as well as the necessary equipment to maintain them including some small heat lamps, well-worn textbooks on herbalism and botany.

Physical Appearance

Height 182cm / 6'
Weight 80kg / 175lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Dash is decently tall with warm brown skin he inherited from his father and murky hazel eyes he inherited from his mother. He’s lean but well-built from a life spent active and outdoors in the jungles of Greenleaf, first climbing trees and playing tag with his sister as a child then hunting and tracking as he got older. He has short curly brown hair with some strands that have been lightened by prolonged sun exposure. He tends to have a little bit of scruff along his jawline, more if he forgets to shave. He dresses in bright colours and has a particular penchant for floral patterned tees and shirts. When on a job or any other time he needs to go incognito, he has a few more unassuming black outfits to slip into.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Parents Dr Ingrid Delgado (mother, b. 2458)
Luis Delgado (father, b. 2460)
Siblings Kora Delgado (older sister, b. 2489)
Other Family A large family of uncles, aunts, and cousins on his father's side.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Dash got his nickname partially because no child wants to be called Dashwood but more-so because as youngster he was restless and constantly needed to be on the move. As he grew up he mellowed but the nickname stuck. Dash tends to be laid-back and unflinchingly calm out most of the time, endlessly patient and always with a smile on his face. He tends to put people at ease, something that makes him particularly personable and charismatic. Behind that serene demeanour, he possess a shrewd intellect and he rarely acts without thinking things through.
Strengths, Weaknesses & Ambitions Dash is steady and reliable, a calming presence in any situation who always seeks to resolve tension and conflict. He’s quite intelligent and tends to pick things up quickly. He’s observant, something that served him well first as a tracker back on Greenleaf and later in his career as an occasional bounty hunter and private investigator across the ‘Verse. In combat, Dash is a marksman through and through. He’s best-suited at long range, perched on a roof somewhere to oversee the entire operation and provide covering fire if things get messy. He’s quick, stealthy and agile with years of clambering through the undergrowth and climbing trees transitioning into skilful freerunning.

The relaxed and calm demeanour that Dash cultivates can come across as flippant or aloof, as if nothing you say is important enough to faze him. He defuses interpersonal conflict so often because he doesn’t enjoy it and he likes to keep any strong emotions at arm's length. If something makes him uncomfortable, he’s more than willing to ignore it and walk away than deal with it head on. In melee, Dash is overcome by more skilled combatants. While he has a pistol and a hunting knife and knows how to use them well enough to get him out of the odd scrape, he has always been better out of close combat.

Dash is largely ambitionless, enjoying a life with little responsibility or pressure. He prefers to live from job to job, hopping from one planet or ship to another when it suits him. Mostly he wants to be sure that he always has a steady supply of credit and work to ensure that he doesn’t have to go back home with his tail between his legs.
Hobbies & Interests Growing up both surrounded by the dense jungles of Greenleaf and with a botanist for a mother, Dash has always had an interest in plants. He’s a competent gardener, able to keep plants growing comfortably even in the harsh conditions aboard spacecraft. He has a good knowledge on the uses of plants, well-aware of plants that can heal and plants that can harm, a skill set that has been useful a surprising amount of times over his travels. Coming from a multilingual household, Dash picks up new languages relatively easy and is conversant is a few different dialects.

History Dashwood Delgado was born on the verdant planet of Greenleaf. His mother, Dr Ingrid Delgado, worked for one of the Alliance-backed pharmaceutical companies that took root on the planet and was considered one of the ‘Verse’s foremost botanists. His father, Luis, was more working-class as the latest in a long line of rangers that looked after the wilds of Greenleaf. Dash’s older sister, Kora, followed in their mother’s footsteps and is an ambitious and gifted scientist in her own right.

With his parents and sister, Dash had something of an idyllic childhood on picturesque Greenleaf. His mother’s success meant he wanted for nothing and was given the best education the planet could offer while his father’s ancestral connection to the jungles meant that he spent much of his free time using the lush rainforest around his home as his own personal playground. He trained with his father to become a ranger himself, learning all about forestry and hunting to ensure that the forests were cared for and safe.

While Dash’s family enjoyed the wealth that came with Ingrid’s position, his mother didn’t agree with how much the life-saving medicine that the planet provided was kept from those who needed it the most. During the Unification War, Ingrid became embroiled in a Browncoat plan to smuggle much needed medicinal plants to Independent planets that were blocked off from Alliance supply chains. Kora, eager to solidify her position in the company where she and Ingrid worked, informed on her mother which resulted in Ingrid’s arrest. Kora’s betrayal saw the peace of Dash’s home life be destroyed as his father largely disowned his sister for her actions.

Dash, ever the peacemaker, felt torn between his love for his sister and his loyalty to his parents. Unable to reconcile the two, he took what seemed like the most logical course of action and left the planet and its familial drama behind. He occasionally sends messages back to his family and supports his father with any extra credits he comes across but, for the most part, is largely separated from the rest of the Delgados. Instead, he bounces from job to job, taking on work where he can. Most of the time, this involves putting the tracking skills he honed back on Greenleaf to use as a bounty hunter or private investigator. Occasionally, he’ll join a crew looking for a hired gun or another pair of hands. Wherever he goes, he tends not to put down roots, in case he finds himself enmeshed in another family that self-destructs.

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