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Xiuling Brooke

Name Xiuling Rong Brooke

Position Muscle

Character Information

Nickname(s) Xiu
Gender Female
Date of Birth 18th February 2495
Homeworld Athens
Affiliation Ex-Alliance (she and her family lost faith in unification when they bombed the cities on Athens)
Personal Effects Bow, set of combat knives, clothing, recipe book, guitar, a necklace that once belonged to her mother.

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 6"
Weight 110lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Dark eyed innocence is the first thing you’d see when you look at Xiu, she favours pastels and conservative-ish cuts to enhance that. She often wears her hair down unless she’s working on something specific at which point she pulls it up into a messy ponytail. She’s got lean and wiry muscles underneath skin that is tougher than it looks. She’s got a couple of scars, but she hides them under her clothing.


Parents Jackson Brooke, Athens businessman, B. 2466 D. 2509
Ling Mai, Housewife & Rancher, B. 2467
Siblings Dar Ru Brooke, businessman, B. 2484, D. 2509, married.
An Zhi Brooke, fugitive, B. 2487, married.
Zhong Fen Chu, housewife & farmer, B. 2490, married.
Bo Zan Brooke, unknown, B. 2493, unknown.
Other Family Lia Amity Brooke (sister in law - married Dar, farmer/housewife)
Hannah (12 B. 2505, niece) Adam (8 B. 2509 nephew)
Zariah Alexis Brooke (sister in law – married An, dancer)
Olia (2 B. 2515, niece)
Chu Yang Tai (brother in law, farmer)
Kun Fang (9 B. 2508, niece) Kun Chen (5 B. 2512, nephew)
Sergei Yarik Rokov (Fiancé, businessman, B. 2488)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Once, Xiuling Rong Brooke was carefree and innocent. Loving, kind and excitable as any child has a right to be. Life wasn’t perfect but she was better off than most. Unfortunately her family’s good luck ran out and several changes for the worst have made her a very lonely person. Inwardly she’s closed off and cold, refusing to let anything or anyone affect her. Only she knows that a softer, more feminine façade can work for her in a number of ways. No one expects someone who looks like her to have knives concealed about her person and know how to use them. No one would consider her a threat, and some might find it in themselves to want to protect her. Either way, she knows how to make it work for her and it’s not failed yet.

Inside, she’s a little more fragile than she’d ever let on to anyone, she wants somewhere to belong, a feeling she hasn’t felt since before the war started. That dark eyed innocence is just an echo of something long lost, the memory of her brother smiling and helping her into a tree, her father’s arms around her as he kissed her goodnight. Her mother teaching her how to cook as well as how to shoot a bow.

She’s capable, independent and stronger than anyone would give her credit for but she likes it that way.
Strengths, Weaknesses & Ambitions Fearless – She’s seen so much and experienced so much that aside from seeing a Reaver up close there’s not a lot that would make her run in the other direction.
Jack of all trades – a quick learner, and a hard worker, it doesn’t take her long to pick things up.
Survivor – She’s got a pretty good survival instinct, and she trusts her gut.
Strong Stomach – when you’ve seen your mother executed and your own bone sticking through your skin you know there’s not a lot you can’t handle.
Reckless – having nothing left to lose means that her choices often don’t match up to the same evaluations as other people make. As such some of her actions may be considered reckless or even downright dangerous. She’s not about to put anyone else in danger though.
Ambitions - She hopes to one day be able to face returning to Athens to visit the place they know her father and brother were when they died and return her mother’s necklace to her family. She wants to make contact with them, but she doesn’t want to risk Nikolai going after them instead of her.
She wants to be able to travel and live her life without looking over her shoulder for Sergei, but what she’d really like to do is avenge the life she lost because of the Rokovs.
To find An and Bo.
Hobbies & Interests Cooking - despite her mother wanting her to be more than just a domestic ingenue, Xiu found she really liked cooking and readily absorbed everything her mother could teach her about it.
Playing guitar - her father played guitar when she was a child, she's recently taken up the instrument herself in his memory.

History Xiuling was born on Athens, in 2495, the youngest of five siblings. Her father was a businessman, and her mother was descended from some of the original Chinese settlers who farmed the colony after it was first terraformed. Her father’s family lived in the capital city, started a business and did well for themselves. He met his future wife on business trip to the farms his family conducted business with, they liked each other from the get go and their fathers somehow managed to turn that into a business arrangement. They married and started having babies as was expected. Three sons and two daughters over a period of eleven years. Xiu was the youngest. They were pretty well off for people living on a rim planet but the family business was successful and had a permanent link to a profitable farm.

She wasn’t exactly born with a silver spoon in her mouth like someone from the core, but she had a decent enough education, was smart, learned to dance and sung in the church choir as soon as she could read the music. Her mother was keen that she take up useful pursuits as well as ones that would set her in good stead to find a respectable husband in the future, and so she learned martial arts and how to use a bow as well as a style of fighting that utilises knives. She was eleven when war broke out.

Having a decent relationship with the Alliance authorities on the planet (as indeed did the planet as a whole) when the war started they supported unification. Soon the planet was captured by the Independents, who on the whole seemed to respect their decision to support the Alliance. Very quickly, things stopped being so clear cut. The people of Athens started to see things from both sides, war raging and them as the majority of territory continued to change hands regularly. It was soon impossible to know who to trust.

Jackson and Mai decided that they should move their family to the farm owned by Mai’s sister and her husband. They all moved there, and started working the farm with her cousins, aunts and uncles. Her oldest brother’s family moved with them, her father and oldest brother stayed in the city to look after the business. Xiuling enjoyed living on the farm, the practicality of the life and the requirement to be good at a wide range of skills suited her personality and temperament more than the refined silks of city life. She was encouraged to improve her skills with a bow, regularly catching the meat for dinner that night, and one of her cousins taught her knew techniques with her knives so that she could better defend herself. Her older sister met a man, married him and was soon pregnant. Jackson and Dar came back for the Christening, and then went back to the city. The day before the alliance bombed it.

Mai was heartbroken and couldn’t handle living on Athens any more, it held too many memories and there wasn’t even the option of going into the city to try and find survivors let alone retrieve any belongs they might have been able to salvage. They’d lost almost everything, but her sister agreed to give them enough money so that those of them who wanted to leave could. Dar’s widow, and her sister Zhong did not want to leave Athens. The remaining children followed their mother to Ezra, which had remained fairly stable under the control of its governor.

Xiuling was fourteen when they left their home. They arrived on Ezra, An and Bo finding jobs immediately as couriers for the local delivery service. Mai held out for a few weeks until she found something more suitable and was soon hard at work too. Xiu started teaching at the local school, despite how young she was she had always picked up new things pretty quickly, and her youth helped her connect with the other children. They managed to carve out a nice little niche for themselves in the community.

Then the governor died, and Niska moved in. Xiu once again found her life was ruled by fear. Criminals of all kinds moved into the area, inserting themselves into life, taking over everything they could get their hands on and selling protection at a high price. Xiu and her family kept to themselves as much as possible, but her brothers ended up working (indirectly) for the local crime boss. Life was harder than Xiu had ever known it, but they survived, they had to.

Things were always changing, sometimes for worse and sometimes for the better. A new crime boss, Nikolai Rokov, took over their sector and brought his daughter with him, Zariah. An fell in love with her the second he laid eyes on her, and she fell in love with him too. They managed to keep their relationship secret for nearly a year, but then they were discovered. Nikolai was furious, and An became a hunted man. Zariah ran away from home to be with him, they married in secret and have been on the run ever since. Nikolai insisted she was kidnapped against her will and wanted to execute the entire family one by one to draw him out.

Luckily, Nikolai’s cousin, Sergei was a much more reasonable man. He’d seen a mother screaming with grief at the loss of another son, a younger brother who’d done his best to just get on with what he was told to do. A sister who was doing her best to make a difference in a shitty situation. He saw something in Xiu that he admired and knew he had to do something to save her and her family.

He convinced Nikolai there was another way to exact payment from the family, a daughter for a daughter, a marriage for a marriage – not that anyone knew this was how the decision was made. Xiu was told her choices, marry Sergei or watch her family die one by one and know it was her fault. She accepted, because she knew she didn’t have a choice, she had to save her family. She hated Sergei almost as much as she hated Nikolai, the alliance, the governor for dying…

Bo managed to escape the planet before the engagement even became official, no one knew where An and Zariah had gotten to and Mai was sentenced to be executed for that betrayal. Xiu basically became a prisoner of the Rokovs. She didn’t see the execution, but she was told about it. Over the next few months she was dressed up and wheeled out for a few things, hooked her arm through Sergei’s and told to smile or she wouldn’t like the consequences. Their engagement party where she received a ring that could have fed the whole sector for a week if it had been sold, Sergei’s birthday where she’d had to accept their first public kiss and an official dinner with neighbouring crime bosses where Nikolai joked that once Sergei’d had her he was planning on whoring her out. Sergei had laughed, later trying to explain that he’d had to, but she wouldn’t listen.

Sergei tried to see her outside of these events, but she wouldn’t let him into her rooms. He respected that at least. Nikolai however was a different story, he was cruel and sadistic, and enjoyed knowing just how much abuse make-up could cover. He enjoyed telling her that the price on her brother’s head had been reinstated, he had decided her marriage to his cousin would not dissolve the debt, but that they owned her now and Sergei was looking forward to fucking his whore. She hated them all even more.

She managed to build up a friendship with the maid who saw to her needs, and after a lot of convincing Xiu got a few personal possessions back. Her mother’s necklace, her knives, the recipe book her mother had been compiling since she first started to learn to cook, and eventually some money. She invited Sergei to her rooms for dinner and he eagerly accepted. Only when he arrived she held a knife to his throat and made him tie himself to a chair. She took his compound security card and the money he had on him as well as the keys to his personal shuttle. He begged her not to do this, begged her to stay but she knocked him out cold and made her escape.

Nikolai realised what was happening as soon as his cousins shuttle fired up its engines, and he assured her that she would be looking over her shoulder her entire life. Nikolai contacted the shuttle, assured her she would always be looking over her shoulder and that if her brother was ever found he would die a long and painful death. Her response, simply “Chui Se!” and she ended the transmission. It wasn’t until she was in the process of settling Sergei’s shuttle on the other side of the planet that she realised she was still wearing the ring. She didn’t sell it though, for some reason it’s still on the chain around her neck.

She bought herself a guitar and managed to get passage on a cargo ship in return for a reduced fare and evening entertainment on the journey. She figured the closer she was to the core the less likely Nikolai and Sergei could get to finding her. She bought herself some more respectable clothing and found work on a luxury cruise liner. They visited Shinon where she bought a bow, before the ship moved on to Osiris. She decided not to take on another contract but to look for work here. Unfortunately, despite enjoying the benefits of holding down a job in society (even a fairly shitty one like her current one) she feels like she’s being watched closer now than she ever was while the city she grew up in was occupied by enemy troops, or even by Nikolai and his goons when she was their prisoner. Feeling suffocated she decided to leave, and see what work she could find. She booked passage to Hera, via a couple of other planets, intending to do farm work if she could get it, or maybe find a small town that needed someone for schoolin'. Then she heard someone talking about a ship that needed crew and she wondered if she might be able to get on board.

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