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Evangeline Hart

Name Evangeline Hart

Position Hired Hand

Character Information

Nickname(s) Eva, Angel
Gender Female
Date of Birth 11 June 2495
Homeworld Deadwood
Personal Effects Clothes including a couple of quite nice dresses that she never wears, a tin whistle, a silver child's ring on her right pinky finger, work gloves, a light brown duffel bag, her mother's dark chocolate brown leather jacket, a small selection of cooking utensils stored in two metal cups that screw together, an extensive sewing kit in a hexagonal quilted box, her father's six-shooter, ammo belt and hip holster.

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5"
Weight 110lbs
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Physical prowess would not be something attributed to Evangeline at first glance. She is fairly thin with pale skin, a cute face, large blue eyes and long, full brown hair. Her clothing tends towards shirt style tops, either fitted or loose with hard wearing skinny trousers and pumps for on-board ship and knee-high boots and her mother's leather jacket for tougher work. She tends to wear a little make-up that uses it sparingly due to the expense.


Parents Melissa Hart - 2476 -2510 (deceased)
Kirk Hart - 2477-2510 (deceased)
Siblings Tony Hart - 2498-2510 (deceased)
Suzie-Joan Hart - 2500-2510 (deceased)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Evangeline is generally very quiet. The injuries to her tongue and mouth make pronunciation quite difficult and laboured for her so she tends to give one-word answers or use symbols or gestures to get her point across. Most of her communication is through body language, through looks given to people and basic universal signs such as nods, head shakes, frowns and smiles. Despite the passing of time she still suffers with post-traumatic stress from her experiences on Deadwood and can sometimes be erratic and irrational as a result. She will never allow anyone to forcefully put her in any confined space or to touch her, reacting physically by moving the body part in question away if touched and if unable will quickly turn violent. She will sometimes touch other people but it must be on her own terms. Buried under layers of pain and mistrust she has a huge capacity for love and affection and has a very generous nature, aspects from her former self that given the right opportunities may be able to re-emerge.
Strengths, Weaknesses & Ambitions Jack of all trades but master of none. Evangeline can take on most tasks and execute them to a basic level with fairly minimal instruction. She can cook well, sew very well, fix less complicated items, shoot vaguely straight and complete a multitude of other things reasonably well. Evangeline is quite intelligent and has a very strong resolve. She is not easily intimidated and doesn't shy away from problems, challenges or fighting. That said, she's not much cop in a brawl and from time to time can be completely derailed by post-traumatic stress the triggers of which are very difficult to predict. She can also be quite rude in the face of intimidation and has a worrying propensity to believe that problems can be sorted by shooting people.
Hobbies & Interests Learning new skills
Reading, mostly fiction, often children's books
Decorative sewing
Playing the Tin Whistle or the Fife

History Evangeline is an oldest child, born to a young family of farmers and labourers on Deadwood, a harsh and barren Rim planet In the Blue Sun System. Originally her family were part of a farming project to try to improve land beyond the edges of Deadwood city named the Hartland Project. The project flourished and gained quite a reputation, starting to trade and make a good living for those involved. When Evangeline was fifteen a group of malcontents from the city decided that the project was doing too well and bringing too much attention to the planet now that the war had started. They resolved to quietly sabotage the project and started recruiting helpers from the grim underworld of deadwood city. But what started as a simple property destruction escalated as word had spread to every lowlife in town what was going to happen. Over half of the population of the settlement were killed, mostly from smoke inhalation from the fires that were set to destroy crops and property alike. Evangeline's mother and two siblings were killed by suffocation from smoke inhalation and her father who tried to fend off the attackers was beaten and murdered in the process. Evangeline herself didn't come off unscathed, she was brutally raped by another group and stabbed through the tongue and the bottom of her palette to stop her from screaming.

Having been left for dead, Evangeline was eventually discovered by neighbours who were drawn to the farms by the pillars of black smoke that covered the landscape thereabouts. She was taken in and nursed back to health and managed with a certain amount of help to gain rightful ownership of Hartland farm and sell it to acquire some coin for her to live off. During her recovery one of the neighbours had taught her some self defence, a little kickboxing and basic weapon techniques which she used with good effect to find her attackers and cause them some fairly serious harm. No charges of misconduct were filed against the teenager for this, the general population and law enforcement were aware of who she was and turned a blind eye to her somewhat justified activities. Vengeance achieved she took work in exchange for travel and started jumping from ship to ship putting the skills she had learned looking after her younger siblings to good work, namely cooking, cleaning and sewing. Evangeline is a sort of Jack of all trades, capable of helping anywhere on the ship, perhaps with the exception of piloting and generally is responsible for the galley, keeping the ship relatively clean and ordered, loading and moving cargo and performing other odd jobs as required.

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