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Lucas Bird

Name Lucas Nathaniel Bird

Position Captain

Character Information

Nickname(s) Luke
Gender Male
Date of Birth 11th June 2483
Homeworld Hera
Affiliation Browncoat Soldier
Personal Effects Pistol, Shotgun, Combat Knife, Utility Knife, Holos of Family, Military Coat, Military Boots, Clothing, His and his B-I-L's Dog Tags

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 3"
Weight 200lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description This hulking specimen of a man is classically good looking, even despite the battering he took in the unification war. His blue eyes can appear warm and soft or hard and piercing depending on his mood. His blonde hair is normally scruffy, when it gets too long he just gets out the shears and cuts it short without any particular care for it's style. He favours his military boots or good old fashioned work boots, checked shirts and braces, jeans or corduroy trousers, his military coat is a normal staple but a lot of the time he wears a beaten up leather jacket too. His facial hair is normally kept fairly short, heavy stubble at the minimum.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Parents Thomas Franklin Bird (53 B. 2460)
Lucy Marigold Jenkins (49 B. 2464)
Siblings Heather Natalie Bird (30 B. 2487)
Other Family Jeremy Robert Jones - Brother in Law (B. 2484 - D. 2511 aged 27)
Lavender Grace Jones - niece (11 B. 2506)
Nathan Jeremy Jones - nephew (8 B. 2509)

Personality & Traits

General Overview When he was younger, Luke was carefree and easygoing. Quick with a smile and a kind word people would call him charismatic more often than not. He liked to climb trees and run around with the other kids from neighbouring farms, he always had a talent for leadership. Level headed, but a source of trouble and mischief when they decided that was the order of business for the day. He was a hard worker, growing up on a farm he didn't exactly have a choice mind you, but he enjoyed the work. Out in the fresh air Lucas was in his element. By the time he was thirteen his Pop had taught him everything he needed to know about running their small farm, from crop rotation and Luke looked forward to the day when Pops said he was ready to take over. He was always kind and dedicated, looking out for his little sister when she came along with dilligence. He learned to ride and do all sorts of handy things. He knows a little bit about mechanics so that he could fix the small amount of machinery they owned.

During the war he started off as a little disillusioned, fighting for their rights and freedom, as it went on he became more jaded, even if he didn't show it. He knew that the only way they were going to have a hope of winning was by pushing through and refusing to give in. To help that effort he had to stay positive and smile even if he was gritting his teeth. Even at the end he was always quick with a joke, the only time the other soldiers saw his facade crack was when his brother in law died in his arms.

Now he's a fairly 'head down and get the job done' kind of guy. He's still that hardworking, quick with a smile but there's something in his eyes that speaks of the pain he's experienced. He's exercised and developed those leadership qualities he had as a child over the years.
Strengths, Weaknesses & Ambitions Luke is physically strong, and is a little bit of a jack of all trades due to his time working on the family farm, then in the browncoat army and as working his way up the ranks of crew in the last five years. He's definitely not wet behind the ears that's for sure. He can do basic first aid, got pretty good at throwing his combat and utility knife when he had to and is a pretty good shot with a lot of firearms, he can fly ships if he has to, and drive land based vehicles. On top of that he is fairly good with words, he's not shakespeare mind you but he can string an eloquent-ish sentence together.

He struggles to really let people in, he's lost so much over the years that actually letting someone get close enough to hurt him is not an option. He lost friends and family in the war and he will never forgive the Alliance for how they wrecked lives, tore families apart and killed innocent people on both sides just to keep the rim and boder planets under their thumb. So yeah, you could say he's got a bit of a chip on his shoulder. He TRIES not to let it show if it's going to affect business. As far as reading and writing goes, his education in those departments was pretty basic. His handwriting is scruffy and at times completely illegible to anyone but himself.

He just wants to keep flyin' right now, maybe one day his head will be in a good enough place that he can settle down, but he's certainly not lokoing for it. Maybe it'll sneak up on him and bite him in the ass.
Hobbies & Interests For a little shile after the war he was a bit of an adrenaline junkie. He went cliff jumping, got nicely beat up in bar brawls, and generally worried his family a little. He'll always be the kind of guy who loves riding a horse out onto the prairee, lighting a fire and sleeping under the stars. He adores his niece and nephew and would do anything to protect them and help them out. They are the only ones he really talks to about their father, telling them how brave he was and how proud of them he would be if he was here. He likes a good practical joke if the mood strikes him, and he's always the first crew member to be laughing at the latest funny animal compilations that come out on the coretex.

History Lucas was born on Hera, to a third generation family homestead and parents who couldn't be happier to finally have a little boy running around. He was a child full of laughter and smiles, he made friends with everyone he met blue eyes sparkling as he laughed ata crummy joke. Life wasn't always super shiny, a couple of hard winters saw him a little skinnier than his mother would have liked sometimes but he was happy. He worked hard at everything he did, with a kind of dedication that his father always saw as a gift. Even if it was climbing trees or learning how to ride a horse rather than his school work. He never much liked school, always preferring to be busy doing something rather than sat behind a school desk. He had a horse and a dog and he and Pops would often go out and spend the night asleep under the stars.

His little sister was born when he was four and he doted on her, and then of course went through a patch of being annoyed with her because she wouldn't stop following him around and telling their Momma every little thing he did wrong. The first time he swore was a particularly unpleasant incident, and Luke couldn't sit down at the dinner table that night cause his butt hurt so much from the ass whupping his momma had given him. If she learns that language cause of you I'll do it all over again ya hear? she'd screached. Needless to say it was a long time before he swore in front of Heather again, and he's never sworn in front of his mother. Pops was always a different story, hell pops taught him to swear, crafty old git. eventually they both grew past the annoying stage and he was back to being the devoted big brother. No one dared mess with her at school, because everyone liked Lucas and you didn't want to see him truly pissed off. A lot of things were like water off a ducks back to him, but if you upset his sister you would pay.

His best friend was Jeremy Jones, who's family ran the plot neighbouring theirs. They were in the same year at school, the ringleaders of their little group of friends, although Jeremy would always defer to Luke if the need arose. They fell out of trees together, learned to swim and ride together and were as inseperable as two boys could possibly be. They learned how to shoot and how to farm crops, how to move cattle and watched their father's haggle prices with excitement shining in their eyes. By the time they were young teenagers they were well on their way to being ready to run the farms themselves when their fathers decided to retire. They were both happy in their little corner of the galaxy, and dreamed of expanding their farms together, buying a ship and finding a crew to run their merchandise themselves, so that they could get a better price for what they sold.

He was seventeen, and a strapping young man, muscles defined by hard labour and long hours working the fields and steering cattle when the Kellihers moved into the area, renting a plot two miles down the dusty track from the Birds front door. Tallulah Kelliher was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen. She was eighteen, and every single guy in town wanted a piece of that. Luke was for the first time in his life, unsure of himself and unable to string a sentence together. All she had to do was smile at him to make him blush, until one day she cornered him and asked what his problem was. With a lot of blushing and awkwardness, he told her how he felt. Her reply was simply "Good," and a kiss on the cheek before she walked away.

He was hooked, and from that moment on he knew who he wanted to settle down and have a family with. He courted, they dated and - though neither of them would ever admit it to anyone if they asked - did the nasty together. By the time he was twenty one he was trying to work out when he should ask her father for his blessing. It was during this time that he realised his best friend and his sister had gotten closer. Despite the mandatory big brother threat he was more than happy for them. It was at their wedding he asked Tallulah's Father for her blessing. they didn't feel the need to rush, but at least he could now be sure that those other eyes lingering on her didn't pose any kind of threat. He was never overtly jealous, but he knew she was special. She was his world.

Then the war broke out, mere weeks after his niece was born, the alliance practically stole all the food they had to offer and Lucas was furious, he and many of his friends, including his best friend signed up with the independents. Their fathers weren't too happy, neither were their mothers or Heather, but both boys wanted so desperately to fight for what they believed was right that no one could talk them out of it. They knew they could end up fighting against people they knew as a lot of people on Hera supported Unification, and their families didn't shout about which side their boys were fighting for. At the heart of it they were all just praying their boys came home. The group of them were in the same a platoon, with a few people they didn't know joining them. Unsurprisingly, Luke was soon promoted to corporal, and then became the Sergeant of their platoon. He was always calm, confident and lead from the front. Those following him trusted him and in turn he trusted and respected them.

A couple of years into the fighting, and Lucas and Jeremy had lost more friends than they could bear to think about. It was then that Lucas got a wave from Tallulah. Her parents supported unification, and her father had told her to call off their engagement. She said she was sorry but she wasn't as strong as he was and had to do what she could to protect her family. The next time they went home on leave, she was already married to an alliance officer and had been swept off to another planet, they'd been married a week, and Heather said that the gossip was her father had arranged it so that Lucas couldn't change her mind when he got home. Lucas was crushed, but his heartbreak only made him more determined to fight and help the independents win the war.

He's not sure why their platoon ended up back on Hera in Serenity Valley, all he knows was they were going where they was ordered. Maybe they figured they'd fight harder cause Hera was their home. All he knew was, that it hurt fighting like this when they knew their families were so close. He wanted to see his sister, niece and nephew and he knew it was even harder for the man married to that sister. The battle was horrific, and he couldn't count how many men they lost. The last of their friends from home were gone, just bodies left with dog tags in their mouths but they fought on. They had to, they had to win so that their families would be safe. In five years, he didn't lose his cool, not until he relised that his best friend was no longer standing beside him, but lying in the mud, eyes glassy and struggling to breathe.

He'd dragged him to safety, and told him in no uncertain terms that if he didn't pull through there would be hell to pay for hurting his little sister like this. He needed medical attention, but there was none, and Jeremy died in Luke's arms. Even after that, Luke pushed himself off the floor and carried on fighting. He had to make it home and tell his niece and nephew how brave their Dad was. Tell his sister that hers was the name on his lips as he died. He was one of the 150 men that were ordered to surrender. They were held at Serenity Valley until it was over. He was at the head of a petition to let them start burying the dead. He found the bodies of the friends that had fallen and buried them himself, scratching each name into the headstone with his utility knife. Finally they were told they could go home, and Lucas did, acquiring a horse and riding the distance.

Heather didn't know, none of the families knew who had been alive at the moment of the surrender, not until she realised that only one horse was riding down the dirt track towards the farm. She'd run out to greet them when she heard the hooves, and even at that distance Luke saw the moment when she realised her husband would not be coming home. It was all Luke could do to wrap his arms around her and cry with her, and in that moment survivors guilt had never been so strong. He thought he knew what heartbreak felt like, and he had been wrong. He'd been there at the deaths of every single person from the local community who signed up, and he made sure their family got given the right story along with the remaining dog tag, and told what really happened. They all knew where to find the graves, he'd laid them all in a group, the way he imagined they might have liked to be. He went back to work on the family farm, working harder and harder to keep his mind off the absence of his best friend, forcing a smile every time he saw the nephew who looked, sounded and acted so much like his father. There were always days when he wished he was in the ground with his friends.

Drowning his sorrows one night he admitted to a fellow patron that he was considering leaving Hera, because he just couldn't deal with how much things had changed. She told him there was a cargo company looking for crew and if he wanted to sign up this would at least give him the option to come home fairly often if he wanted it. his family didn't like it, but they understood, and his niece and nephew were there to wave him off from the port when he left. He worked with that company for the next five years, working as a deck hand, learning to fly the ships because they just happened to need a co-pilot that day, learning a little about ship engines enough to be able to help there if he had to. His battlefield medical techniques came in handy more often than not, just basics but they served in a pinch. His reputation as a hard worker and his willingness to turn his hand to anything helped him work his way up the company until he was serving as the first officer on one of their ships. More often than not they did the runs out of harvest transporting food for a specific farm, which meant he got to see his family. He saved every damn penny, except those few credits he spent on drink and buying women drinks.

Luke was never shy, so warming his bed in those five years never seemed to be a problem, and he just wasn't living the kind of lifestyle where those women would have expected him to want to settle down so that certainly helped. This stop off on Hera though, the same woman who had pointed him in the direction of the cargo company found him in his favourite bar once more and offered him a proposition. He wasn't so sure he was ready to have other people following him, their lives depending on him again, but Alice insisted that there was no time like the present. So he took the minority share in the ship, using most of his savings, and now he's looking for a crew to man it.

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