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Gabrielle Lemaire

Name Gabrielle Adaline Lemaire

Position Mechanical

Character Information

Nickname(s) Ella
Gender Female
Date of Birth 16 December 2496
Personal Effects A large toolkit wrapped up in two separate large rolls of hardy blue cloth, various overalls, clothes including a couple of dresses she never wears, her glasses including some assorted spare pairs, various bits of make up, a pile of haggared old novels all carefully packed into a canvas large-pack with twin shoukder straps. A knuckle duster fashioned from leftover metal and leather. A tarnished charm bracelet adorns her left wrist and she keeps a double-barrelled sawn-off shotgun with ammo belt and holster for when things get 'uncomfortable'.

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 132lbs
Hair Color Dirty blonde
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Ella generally looks pretty messy. Her blonde hair (an array of different blondes based on what hair colour she can find) can be quite wild and her fringe is generally unruly, constantly being pushed out of her eyes or sitting on top of her glasses. She is often quite grubby from engineering tasks and tends to dress for practicality in her work wearing cargo pants and military boots and a vest most of the time and/or overalls which are often open to and tied around her waist. Her large, squarish black glasses magnify her eyes and are generally on when working, otherwise they are on top of her head keeping her hair out of the way. She gives the impression of being reasonably solid for her size, an impression ordered by a little muscle tone derived from a lot of manual work. Ella tends to make a bit more effort with her appearance at ports selecting her cleaner and more presentable clothes and donning some matte red lipstick and a little mascara.


Parents Bastien Lemaire - 2462-2513 (deceased)
Leonie Hausmann - b. 2469 (whereabouts unknown)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ella is shy and quiet from years living under the dubious supervision of her father Bastien. Most of what she says is preceded by the word "um" most especially around people she doesn't know nd she rarely speaks with much authority or acts in self assured way, unless the subject is engineering or literature. She has a habit of not finishing sentences, especially if an idea comes into her head while she is speaking and she quite unashamedly talks to herself. Her voice is quite raspy and tends to crack a lot, the after-effects of spending too much time in engine rooms and her accent has a base of some refinement with a dose of French and something else European. Despite years of mistreatment Ella is a relatively happy person and is often cheerful if not particularly confident. However if pushed or baited to the extreme she can, like her father, lose her temper and become quite unreasonable.
Strengths, Weaknesses & Ambitions Ella is an excellent engineer, is quite learned generally and takes the time to weigh up the options and give good advice when needed. She is also reasonably resilient, not losing her composure if others are having a shouting match or even a fight, however if targeted herself by violence she is not an effective fighter. She can shoot vaguely straight, but her sawn-off shotgun is very innacurate and only intended for close quarters.

Her immediate ambitions are to find and stay with a good crew and eventually have a group of people she could call friends, maybe even family. In the longer term it is Ella's ambition to find her mother and she has a habit of showing the picture that she has of Leonie to just about everyone searching for leads.
Hobbies & Interests Literature, any old-fashioned books she can get her hands on, most especially old novels.
Any devices that she hasn't seen before, preferably with permission to dismantle them.

History Ella never had a particular planet to call home or a happy family life to speak of. Her mother and father were crew aboard a freighter when she was born, her father the first mate and her mother the engineer. The family stayed aboard the same ship until Ella was six, at which point her father's ill manners and bad temper finally got them unceremoniously dumped at the next port. This inevitably led to a huge argument, the aftermath of which led to Bastien stealing Ella away on a ship during the night and abandoning Leonie to the port with just her personal effects.

Bastien, through methods of persuasion, bribery and general bullshit managed to worm his way onto another crew in short order and the pair stayed aboard this ship for a while. During this time Bastien took it upon himself to educate his daughter, but as he was a Neanderthal and rather dense (not to mention somewhat of an idiot) didn't do a particularly good job, save teaching her how to shoot the family shotgun. Fortunately the engineer on board took a shine to poor shy Ella and taught her basic mathematics and how to work and repair basic ship systems. Inevitably it wasn't too many years before they were thrown off the ship as well, thanks to Bastien's idiocy, but Ella kept her engineering studies alive amongst other menial work she did to make herself useful on the cornucopia of different freighters and transport vessels that the pair were able to get work on. Fortunately for her and most unlike her father she was bright, attentive, thoughtful and quite cute.

At the age of twelve Ella's work started to go downhill. Starting to become reliant on his daughter as a commodity for getting jobs Bastien flew into many rages and tempers and started to beat his daughter into compliance. It wasn't until a few months later while on layover on Beumonde and that the cause of Ella's struggles was finally identified - she was becoming longsighted and couldn't focus on what she was doing immediately in front of her. One pair of large and comparatively expensive glasses later Ella was back on form and managed to impress the engineer on their next leg, staying on the ship and being a useful member of the crew for far longer than her father would otherwise have been kept on board.

At the age of seventeen and on another layover on Santo Bastien managed to get himself into a bar-fight whilst being typically drunk and obnoxious. Finally pushing his luck too far he threw one too many insults and was mortally knifed. Showing no real emotion Ella simply took the opportunity to leave his body, claiming no association between her and her father and set out on her own with their combined coffers, having to acquire Bastien's money bag whilst "checking to see if he was dead". She has spent the years since working as an engineer on a few different ships, building her skills to become an invaluable member of any crew.

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