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Name Tabitha

Position Hired Hand

Character Information

Gender Female
Date of Birth 19 January 2502
Homeworld Deadwood
Personal Effects A 9" serrated combat knife of Reaver origin with a black handle & a ratty brown leather holster, a sewing kit comprising of needles, various types and colours of thread and a thread picker wrapped up in an old dark blue cloth and tied up. A large dogeared book of sewing patterns titled 'Family Garment Basics, Patterns for the Frontier', a paperback copy of the Cadence triolgy, a set of novels about a teen girl set on the core Alliance worlds. A large olive green-brown canvas bag with a long shoulder strap with the outline of a butterfly embroidered on in thick white thread. One pair of black work boots, one pair of black trousers given to her by Xiuling Brooke, one long top also given to her by Xiuling used as a nightdress. Four collared shirts, one brown with a sparse pale Chinese pattern depicting small flowers growing on a vine. The second an off-white with lighter and darker blue and black cheques. The third a rather faded scarlet red and the fourth a shade of cream-khaki. Four chokers made out of the offcuts from the shirts, neatly hemmed and stitched with the word 'Tabitha' embroidered on large.

Physical Appearance

Height 5'2"
Weight 101lbs
Hair Color The blonder side of strawberry blonde
Eye Color Blue-grey
Physical Description Tabitha is very small at 5'2" with hair naturally between hay and strawberry-blonde and blue-grey eyes. Her face still carries a little cheek-weight of youth and is rosy pink in tone with naturally pink lips. She has a lot of prominent scarring across her body, most obviously a two and a half inch scar running from the right side of her top lip across her right cheek. There are other signs of wounds on her face, mostly small scratches.

If given a choice Tabitha tends to gravitate to comfortable practical clothing, anything soft and warm and unimposing. Her priorities don't include displaying a personal sense of style, worrying more about security and health. Socks and shoes are often eschewed and she has few personal possessions and no jewellery as any semblance of her old life was stripped away by the Reavers.

Her manner is timid and suspicious, she moves quickly and quietly, often on the balls of her feet. She is mute, partly due to psychological damage, partly due to her tongue being sliced along it's length, both wounds inflicted by the Reavers. However she does make sounds when she laughs, cries or screams and occasionally makes the odd squeak or reactionary sound.


Parents Ma (deceased)
Pa (deceased)
Siblings Jamie (younger brother - deceased)
Suzie (younger sister - deceased)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Tabitha is extremely damaged by her experience on board the Reaver ship. Being mute, most of her communication is through body language, through looks given to people and basic universal signs such as nods, head shakes, frowns and the occasional smile. She also will write more complicated messages down in simplistic but legible handwriting and tends to keep a pen and paper in her back pocket. She is universally timid, always silent even when moving and will often stare at people for a few seconds at the beginning of a new encounter, even if it is someone she already knows. Tabitha will never allow anyone to forcefully put her in any confined space or to touch her, reacting physically by moving the body part in question away if touched and if unable will quickly turn violent. She will sometimes touch other people but it must be on her own terms. She is inquisitive though and if allowed her own space and time will often investigate different aspects of the ship and her surroundings, new devices or processes and can often pick them up quickly. She is racked with PTSD, often experiencing flashbacks and becoming hysterical and/or violent as a result. She has good days and bad days, but on good days can almost be friendly and will spend time with her crewmates, sat cross-legged on the floor, generally near an exit, listening and observing. On the bad, one could call her mildly psychotic. Despite this, buried under layers of pain and mistrust she has a huge capacity for love and affection and has a very generous nature, aspects from her former self that given the right opportunities may be able to re-emerge.

Tabitha will respond to her full name and also to 'Tab', 'Tabs' and 'Bits', although the last is accompanied with a sad expression.
Strengths, Weaknesses & Ambitions Strengths
Intelligent – Tabitha is not hugely well educated but has quite a lot of raw brainpower
Fearless – not on a personal level but if the situation around her becomes extremely messed up she would not blink an eye
Resilient - well, she did survive a Reaver ship
Dependable - if you ask her to do something and she agrees to do it then she does it, often immediately
Cunning – Tabitha is very adaptable and can think on her feet. She often has good ideas.
Cookery and baking - Tabitha spent a lot of her time as a young teenager looking after her younger brother and sister, she took over the more laborious aspects of day-to-day cooking from her mother at age 11.
Sewing - not only can Tabitha sew, she can make clothing from scratch given enough time and materials. Part of her responsibility on the farm was making sure her younger brother and sisters clothes were up to scratch.

Mute – Unable to use radios etc
Uneducated - no special skills other than mentioned above and only a basic level of schooling. she can read and do basic algebra. Slowly.
Unpredictable – Her mental health means she could easily react strangely to certain people and situations
Physical prowess - or lack thereof, Tabitha won't be winning any fights unless armed. And it's never a good idea to give her a weapon.

To live
To be physically comfortable
To overcome her flashbacks
To acquire more books
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies and interests
Learning new skills
Reading, mostly fiction, often children's books
Decorative sewing
Playing the Tin Whistle or the Fife

History Tabitha is an oldest child, born to a young family of farmers and labourers on Deadwood, a harsh and barren Rim planet In the Blue Sun System. Her father was a local administrator and community leader in Deadwood City. Disappointed with the bureaucracy and red tape, the selfishness and hardship he saw before him he decided to create a community outside of Deadwood city where invited families could live more natural, communal and self sustaining lives. He used his contacts within the alliance to source investors who were interested in the technology they would use to make the barren wastes of Deadwood liveable. In return for an initial investment the community would work out the kinks, live with the hassle and uncertainty of the new system and report back on their findings and fixes to make their technology saleable for the original investors to distribute on the other border planets.

Initially the project was a success. From its founding in 2500 with just Tabitha's mother and father and one other family over the course of the next six years the community grew to eighty people and had even begun to produce an excess of food and resources which was sold back to Deadwood City for a small profit. Tabitha was born in 2502, her sister and brother following in 2504 and 2506 respectively. As she got to double digits in age Tabitha became a full-time older sister, helping her mother look after the younger children, so allowing more time for the adults to focus on the project. She would educate the young ones as she could, helping them with basic reading, maths and life skills and made a lot of the family clothes, even beginning to sell or trade clothing as her speed and skill improved. Life for the family was hard, but good. Then the war came.

Over the course of the next eleven years the prject slowly but surely unravelled. Some of the project's key men and investors either left to fight or Had their attention and resources diverted elsewhere. The bespoke parts for their machines had become impossible to get by 2516 and all involved were eventually forced with much heartache to abandon their homes and go elsewhere to make ends meet. Some moved back to Deadwood City, others, as Tabitha's family did, used the last of their money to escape the planet entirely and make a living elsewhere. It was while making this journey with her mother, father and younger brother and sister that their ship was attacked by Reavers.

Initially the crew of the ship chose to try to flee, red rag to the bull that is Reaver mentality. They were quickly caught and boarded and most of the crew died in the initial battle trying to defend the ship. The families and other passengers aboard were tortured, strung up or eaten or a combination of all three, including Tabitha's entire family, an ordeal she was made to watch. Tabitha's fate would likely have been the same were it not for the leader of the Reaver ship taking a liking to Tabitha's looks, especially her naturally blonde hair. She was spared and dragged back to the Reaver ship where she spent the first three days of her captivity in the Captain's quarters being raped and beaten, her tongue sliced to stop her screaming before being moved to a small room where the crew could also have their way.

Fortunately, or unfortunately for her, somehow she lasted through the torture, the beatings and the constant sexual assault, still being alive after the first week, a rarity for Reaver sex slaves. She became a long-term utility for the Captain and crew, finally being fed and thence kept alive specifically for sex, only allowed out of her small room -furnished only with a bed- to visit the captain in his quarters and was never allowed to wear clothes. She has been in Reaver captivity for five months and has repressed the memory of her family dying in front of her to the point at which she can barely remember them.

Against all odds Tabitha was rescued by the crew of a ship who gave the Reavers more than they were bargaining for. Having to kill several rivers herself including the man she considered her nemesis aboard the Reaver ship she formed a bond with one of the passengers - Xiuling Brooke - with whom she has stayed since they were dropped off at port.

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