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Jacobina Newton

Name Jacobina Newton

Position Doctor

Character Information

Nickname(s) Coby
Gender female
Date of Birth 2483
Homeworld Athens
Affiliation Browncoat
Personal Effects Med bag, gold locket with a picture of her and her twin at their university graduation, an encyclopedia with a cortex feed.

Physical Appearance

Height 163cm (5' 4")
Weight 121lb
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown


Parents Carolyn and Lincoln Newton
Siblings Victoria "Vic" Newton (twin sister, deceased)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Coby is a focused and compassionate woman who tries to hide behind a black sense of humor.
Strengths, Weaknesses & Ambitions When set to a task, Coby will do everything she can to see it through. She'll burn the midnight oil and exhaust every resource she can get her hands on if she thinks it can make a difference.

Since losing her twin sister, she's distant and slow to form a close bond with others. She'll happily hide in her bunk with a book over spending time with her crew mates.

She's desperately trying to fill the void in her life that Vic's death has left her with. She thinks that if she heals enough people it'll make up for her sister being gone, but it hasn't yet.
Hobbies & Interests She's constantly reading any medical text she can get her hands on via the cortex, filling in with classics from Earth that was and contemporary books alike, spanning any number of topics, fiction and non-fiction alike.

History Coby and her twin sister Vic were born on their parents' farm, where they were home schooled until age eight, then were sent away to boarding school. Coby was the quiet bookworm and Vic was the rowdy athlete, and they both quickly learned that they could get away with taking each other's classes. They never got caught, and both graduated with honors.

The sisters carefully selected their university based on which one had a strong undergrad course for medical and a strong athletics program, so they could stay together. The four years went by fast, and soon they were parting ways for Coby to move on to medical school and Vic to go home with her bachelors in agriculture.

When the Unification war broke out, her family supported unification and Coby looked at options to put her Medical degree to use for the alliance. Vic quietly confessed to her that she supported the call for independence, and left Coby in the awkward position of being the only one who knew what she was doing, as Vic went and volunteered for the Browncoats. Vic's disappearance devastated their parents—especially their father who'd been trying to convince Coby to put off her studies and come home with the increasing violence in the large cities—and Coby was stuck trying to hide her knowledge of where Vic had gone.

In 2509, Coby had only just graduated med school, and was home while waiting for the final say on which residency program she was taking, when the Alliance started their bombing of the major cities on Athens. The horror of it quickly turned the allegiance of her family, and as well as those friends who were fortunate enough not to be in the cities for the bombings.

As she was about to tell her parents where Vic had gone, her sister sent a wave to make sure all of them had survived the alliance's atrocious attacks. As their parents sent a tearful wave back telling her they were all okay, Coby decided that she had to volunteer for the Browncoats as well.

She was accepted and treated as a doctor from the start—much to her surprise as she'd tried to apologize for not having completed her residency—and was assigned to a medical support ship. The toll of seeing so many people suffering injuries nearly broke her early on—especially as so many of them were so young, there was so little she could do, and the conditions and supplies were so inadequate for the need—but each person who survived despite the odds because of her help steeled her resolve she was where she needed to be.

When the war ended and the Browncoats surrendered, Coby returned home almost in a state of shock. Even though they had fought so hard, the alliance had done such horrible things and won in the end. She nor her parents had heard anything further from Vic after her one wave to check up on them after the Athens bombings, so it was almost not a surprise when a stranger showed up on their doorstep some months later with Vic's dog tag. He hadn't known that Vic had a twin sister, and it was the first of what would become a reoccurring thing where someone who knew Vic would think they'd seen a ghost when meeting Coby the first time.

After taking time to try and reorient herself to a 'verse without her sister—half her soul—Coby decided to do her residency and become a real doctor. The first hospital she applied to gave her an excuse about her having waited too long since her graduation to follow up. The next tried to insist her grades hadn't been good enough even though she had graduated top of her class. The third gave her an excuse about the school she went to not existing anymore. It was following up on this rejection that she found the real reason for all the rejections: she'd served the Browncoats in the War.

Though her parents were supportive and she tried to step into her sister's intended shoes of taking over the family farm in time, Coby found that she couldn't handle staying home. Being near her parents, still living in the room she'd shared with her sister their first eight years, all the pictures of the two of them together, it tore her heart one small slice at a time. Not even a year after the war finished, she left home with only her medical bag—an antique leather one with the basic tools of her trade that had been a gift from her parents when she graduated—the clothes on her back, and the last picture she had of her and Vic in a simple gold locket.

As luck would have it, her first job came from a fellow Browncoat. Reginald Cheshire recognized her as the doctor who'd saved his life by amputating his leg and took her on as his doctor when his regular needed to go home and see to his dying mother. In that time, her parents sold the farm and moved to Whitefall to open a general store.

When Reginald's doctor returned two years later after his mother had passed and he'd finished setting her affairs, Reginald gave Coby a glowing letter of recommendation and sent her on to a friend of his starting her first crew. Another Browncoat that didn't care about her lack of formal recognition by the alliance as a doctor, Lena Busto welcomed Coby into her crew.

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