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Natalia Johnson

Name Natalia Johnson

Position Enemy

Character Information

Gender Female
Date of Birth 30 September 2486
Homeworld Santo
Affiliation Herself

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 3"
Weight 120lbs
Hair Color Dyed blonde
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Typically for a former companion Nataia is extremely fit very beautiful and always well presented. She is relatively short, making up for that fact by generally wearing some kind of heeled shoes or boots and also by carrying herself while making full use of what height she has. Natalia goes in and out all the right places and is very attractive, using advanced hair and make-up skills to maximise her appeal and the advantages it brings when trying to pull whatever job or con is on the cards.


Spouse Adam Johnson

Personality & Traits

General Overview Natalia is lovely. That is until you really get to know her. She can be very pleasant to be around but spend one minute in her company When things are not going Her way and you will soon discover the facade of geniality is exactly that. Natalia is an expert at making people like her, but whether they will continue to do so once they have discovered her true personality is by no means guaranteed. There is A lesser-known third level of Natalia, known only really to her husband which is actually vaguely genuine but this is hidden under layers of social war-paint that are all that most people see.
Strengths, Weaknesses & Ambitions +Manipulative
+Great Actor
+Very beautiful
+Quite clever


History Brought up on Santo Natalia is a lifelong victim of the depravity and 'good times' that this resort planet offers. The playground of the rich was no playground at all for people born into service and Natalia was of little use to her parents who worked low level jobs at the casinos, getting poor wages and living in even poorer conditions with expensive rent so they could be close to their place of work. That was until Natalia grew up and her good looks changed everything. She hadn't been long working at her parents casino herself when she was spotted by a companion and was brought to the companions Guild as a possible recruit. Fully trained a few years later she returned to her home planet as the ravages of war had taken hold. The once prosperous resort was failing and those who were still there were after seedier and cheaper pleasures that a fully trained companion could provide. Desperate for work she started to service some clients of questionable morals, one of whom asked her to join him on a robbery last minute that he had been describing to her during their previous session. Bored, frustrated, in need of money and ultimately somewhat coerced Natalia agreed but the job went south and alongside her punishment she was also stripped of her companion status.

Bent on revenge but with nowhere to go Natalia devised a scheme whereby she fell in with her old comrades after their stint in prison was completed. She ran with them for a while, learning the tricks of the trade, cons, scams, cheats, marks and jobs before setting up a job of her own in which she intentionally dumped her crew in the shit by way of revenge for losing her companion licence, securing them places in an alliance prison for a very long stretch. It was after that while she was running solo scams that she met her husband Adam.

Adam was looking for a seductress for a job he was running and a neutral contact suggested Natalia. He scoped her out in her usual bar running her usual scam of seducing married men and robbing them, leaving pictures of their lovemaking behind as a threat of blackmail if any of them tried to give her up to the law. Being the scammer he was Adam blackmailed her into joining his scheme. The job went successfully and they parted ways. It wasn't until a few months later that they met again under similar circumstances. This time Natalia had a mark and she needed a man to make the job happen - they needed to appear as a trustworthy married couple. The job went perfectly, even better than their first collaboration and they decided to go into a longer term partnership.

Given the manner of their first meeting Natalia expected Adam to throw her under the bus at some point but he never did. Never really having experienced someone who really appreciated her as anything more than a service she fell in love and after hearing the words "if we get out of here I'm going to marry you" on a job at risk of going bad she held Adam to his assertion and the two were married shortly after. Their relationship is far from ideal, somewhat dysfunctional and based on desires that in healthy relationship should never be, but with Adam Natalia has begun to get a sense of what her life could have been and is for so many people. Part of her loves that, but it is a part kept well at bay by the cruelty and mistrust she has known all her life.

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