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Taking Out The Trash

Posted on 14 Mar 2019 @ 6:33pm by Lucas Bird & Zhong Qi & Gabrielle Lemaire & Tabitha & Jacobina Newton

Mission: I Don't Care, I'm Still Free

Luke couldn't wait to see the back of the two men who'd caused so much trouble during their short time on his boat, but he wasn't going to breathe easy until they were back in the black without them. Right now they were hauling their belongings out of their cabin while he supervised, his face set in a stony expression.

"Hurry up would you? I haven't got all day," he growled as Reeve nearly dropped Nick's trunk on his foot.

Reeve glared back for half a second before looking back down at the floor, mostly because he was pretty sure that Nick's trunk would break his foot if he actually dropped it. Unsurprisingly, he couldn't wait to see the ship's ass light up as it shot off into the black without them too.

"Thing's ruttin' heavy if you hadn't noticed," he grumbled quietly. realising that Luke probably had heard although both of them pretended that he hadn't. The black eye that had blossomed from Luke punching him in the face was just starting to yellow out, but his wrist still hurt, enough that moving the heavy trunk far enough that Nick could climb out of the cabin hurt. He put it down, and slung his own bag across his back, before grabbing the second duffel.

"If that's everything Nick, you can come out now," Luke called down the hatch. He'd kept his hand on the butt of his gun the whole time, and now was no different as he waited for the second man to make his way up the ladder.

"I'm a coming, I'm a coming, don't get your knickers in a knot," Nick muttered as he climbed the ladder. He stopped, glaring at the trunk in his way for a long moment, then pulled himself up on top of it to finish his climb out of their bunk. Not theirs anymore, he reminded himself as he swung his legs off the trunk and stood up. "Well, let's get this over with. The sooner we're gone, the sooner we can find new work." He grabbed the handle at his end of the trunk and looked at Reeve.

Luke had to fight not to roll his eyes as Nick made a meal out of getting out of the bunk, there was plenty of space for him to climb out normally, but he just had to make things difficult.

"You know they way, gentlemen." The last word was laced with so much sarcasm it almost set his own teeth on edge, but they deserved a whole lot worse in his opinion.

Reeve settled the duffel on his shoulder and turned without a word, heading for the stairs down to the cargo bay. Luke waited for Nick to start moving too and followed. He'd left their weapons with Qi who would be waiting for them by the cargo bay doors, who he'd also left in charge of making sure Xiuling was nowhere to be seen as the guys were escorted out. He'd rather dinner was late than her having to see them if she didn't want to.

Reeve didn't take his time in getting down to the cargo bay, the advantage of bags over a trunk was that they weren't awkward on stairs. His eyes narrowed when he saw Qi holding the bag Luke had put their weapons in, but again, his gaze dropped after a moment and he concentrated on getting down the last of the stairs.

"What the gorram hell?" Nick called after Reeve stumbling as he drug his trunk after him. It echoed through the cargo bay as it clunked down each step on the stairs. "A little help?"

"If you can't lift your own gorram trunk you've got too much shit Nick," Reeve grumbled from below. Luke almost laughed, and he would have done were he not so angry. Apparently Reeve wasn't going to be too forgiving about being thrown under the bus.

"Keep moving or I'll throw it down there and you won't like the state it ends up in at the bottom," Luke growled, giving Nick's shoulder a push, almost wanting the guy to get stupid and try something. At least the anger that had seemed to simmer underneath the surface since Xiuling had told him what happened might get an outlet that way.

"Ain't nothin' in there it'll harm, you have my guns." Nick shrugged, and side stepped before letting go of the handle he was dragging the trunk by. It slid down the stairs with such a racket until it came to a stop by slamming into the railing on the small landing just before the stairs turned for the final descent to the cargo bay floor. With a kick, he sent the trunk rolling down the last of the way.

"Yi Dwei Da Buen Chuo Roh, did your mama drop you on your head as a child?" Qi yelled at him as he followed behind his trunk as it slammed into the crate that sat near the base of the stairs.

Reeve, being a bit preoccupied with their predicament only just got out of the way as the trunk came down the stairs behind him. "Wuo Duh Tian Ah, are you tryna kill me?" he shouted up at the man who was just finishing coming down the stairs, his voice strained with stress.

Luke moved in behind Nick and grabbed him by the back of his jacket, his height even greater than normal due to still being stood on the bottom step. "Are you gonna apologise to people for nearly killing them with your trunk, and to me for the ruckus, or am I going to dock even more of your pay for wanton damage to my property?" he asked his voice low, barely concealing the sheer fury burning in his blood. Nick was treading on thin ice right now, and the stupid ass didn't even realise how close Luke was to blowing his smug, cocky brains all over the cargo bay floor.

A short distance away perched on top of a crate Tabitha was enjoying the show Nick and Reeve were putting on. She could happily have been somewhere other than watching the two stooges but she wanted to see them leave with her own eyes, to make sure they were gone. In fact, she considered it quite the special occasion. She was wearing her favourite shirt, the one with the blue cheques, and had washed her hair which was in the final stage of drying, being aided by the breeze from the open cargo bay door which, unknown to her imparted rather more volume than the norm and resulted in there being rather more hair than teenager to be seen. She slid it behind her shoulders with a scarred hand and slipped off the crate, padding across the cargo bay silently to get a better view, knife in hand. Sure, Luke had a weapon trained on the varmints and their pieces were no more easily got at than a cat getting’ at the steaks in a fat man’s kitchen, but she wasn’t taking any chances with these pìyǎn.

"I assumed you ain't gonna be stoppin', on account of–" Nick stopped as he caught sight of Tabitha. He stopped with one handle of his trunk in hand, ready to drag it behind him again, his eyes fixated on Tabitha's knife.

Tabitha looked at Nick, then at the knife, then back to Nick. Then she looked at Nick looking at the knife. Then she smiled.

Reeve had moved ahead of Nick once more, with a shake of his head, but when Nick abruptly stopped talking Reeve looked over his shoulder in time to see Tabitha smile at Nick. He shuddered and waited.

Luke couldn't help the corner of his mouth quirking in a hint of a smile when he saw Tabitha. Clearly she'd wanted to make sure they left herself, he was sure she had the capacity to be more subtle about it, but he supposed, where was the fun in that.

"Go Hwong Tong, get off my boat, now," He growled down at Nick, giving him a shove.

Keeping at least one box or crate between her and the open area of the cargo bay Tabitha darted towards the door, slipping into the shadows in the periphery. She watched Luke marshall Nick and Reeve like a curious animal, like a cow perhaps or an alpaca, frightened, wondering what people were doing in their field but interested to see what would happen none-the-less.

"Ain't there no law about keeping feral animals in cages when you're transportin' 'em?" Nick grabbed the handle of his trunk with both hands and started backing towards the airlock as fast as he could.

"I don't think we have a cage large enough for your fat ass, putain." Ella clanked into the cargo bay, her steps heavy with the foot fall of work boots and loud with the knocking of her shotgun in its holster. The engineer, grubby from her toil on the space doors regarded both Nick and Reeve with unveiled distain, especially the latter who had tried to 'correct her mistakes'.

"Wha? I meant the girl..." Nick stared at Ella. As he did, Coby quietly slipped from between the crates and leaned in to whisper in his ear.

"We don't cage ferals, we fix them." Coby took a step back, pointing at him with one hand and pantomimed scissors with the other. "Snip snip."

"Just... be careful the 'feral' doesn't cut you." Ella smirked before adding, "Hey, yeah, I'll give you a platinum right now if you can tell me her name." She indicated in the direction Tabitha had gone to make it clear about whom she was speaking of.

Reeve shifted his feet nervously, they really needed to just get off this damn boat before Nick said something he really shouldn't and Tabitha came back and knifed him or Luke straight up shot him in the back of the head. "Nick, come on, they ain't worth the fuss," he said, adjusting his bag on his shoulder and turning back towards the door.

"No, no, I wanna hear this," said Luke putting up a hand to stop everyone pitching in. "If you get it right I'll chip in a plat my own self, how about it, you got a name for us Nick?" he asked, stepping right up close behind the shorter man.

"Her name is Tabitha." Nick put his back into dragging his trunk and managed an impressive burst of strength, pulling the trunk—with a cacophony of metal on metal screeching that echoed through the whole cargo bay—to where Qi waited quietly.

"Lucky for me I can still fly this boat with tinnitus," she growled at him before looking to Luke to see if she was to give the weapons back yet.

"Oh very good. Shame you never actually use her name. Double or quits if you can answer one more question, smarty pants." Ella taunted Nick, ambling along behind the group now arrived at the space doors.

"Uh, what?" He dropped his trunk, causing it to echo through the cargo hold.

"How... how old is she?"

Nick looked around, trying to spot Tabitha. "She's a kid, underage."

Tabatha ducked down where she was, hiding herself from view save for one eye and a portion of strawberry blonde hair. Ella rolled her eyes.

"Uhuh... yeah. Um... we can see that. Pick a number."

"Doesn't fucking matter. Can I have my guns back?" Nick pointedly turned to Qi, and she continued to look to Luke.

"Player one forfeit. Too bad." Ella smirked, looking in Luke's direction.

"Of course, you can both have your guns back," Luke replied, As much as taunting Nick might have been fun for Ella, pushing him was not wise. The fun had been had and he wanted to see the backs of them.

Reeve shuffled over to Qi who was holding the bag with the guns in it. He finally looked up at her, a little expectantly, without saying anything.

"Politeness will get you everywhere Reeve," Luke called loudly.

Reeve shot a glare over his shoulder, before dropping his gaze once more. Almost growling, and through gritted teeth Reeve spoke "Can I have my gun, please,"

"Can I have my gun, please," Qi repeated, and snorted. "At least we know one of you can affect manners when you gorram please." She reached into the bag that held all the guns, and plucked one out to hold out towards Reeve. "You ain't gettin' the ammo back, sunshine. But it's in working order." She directed a look at Nick, then held out the bag to him. "I was bored, so I cleaned your shit for you. It's a miracle any of them were in working order."

"If you damaged any–" Nick looked into the bag.

"Not that she would, but there's nothing you could do about it anyway." Coby settled so she was leaning against the stairs up to the catwalk near the airlock.

Reeve knew enough about his weapon to know that there was no ammo in it, the weight was off. Luckily they were still getting paid so he could buy more ammo. He shoved it into his holster, which he had decided to wear rather then pack in his bag. It didn't do to walk about anywhere visibly unarmed. He didn't thank her, just crossed his arms and waited for Nick to be done making a fuss.

"If you're done a-fussin, I'll have you both off my boat now," Luke growled pushing the bag into Nick's chest and giving him a shove towards the airlock.

Reeve turned and started down the ramp, waiting at the bottom for Nick. Luke waited for Nick to move before following and holding our a pair of envelopes which held the credits they were owed for their work while on the ship.

Nick silently grabbed the envelope, adjusted the balance of his bag of weapons on his shoulder, and then started to drag his trunk away, not bothering to look back at the ship as he went.

Reeve took the envelope and turned away, anger boiling in his gut as he went. He didn't need them or their crummy boat, they were welcome to it, and all the trouble it brought them.

Luke watched them walk away, stoic and silent, wishing he'd never let them on his boat in the first place, but he knew from experience that he couldn't let this start down a road of constantly second guessing himself. He'd own up to a wrong decision, but he'd learn from it and move forward, he had to keep moving forward. Because only Nightmares lay behind.

"Right, let's get this cargo unloaded, I'm going to register with the dock, set our destination and see if we can get some passengers, when I get back I want everyone pulling their weight, understood?"

"Uhh, yup. You got it boss man." Ella looked after the idiot twins for a moment and clanked out of the cargo bay. Tabitha looked after them too. She was glad Xiu's attackers were gone. She could start to relax now, or at least get as close to relaxing as she ever did.

"Aye Aye, Cap'n Norse God, sir," Qi quipped, and practically danced her way towards the cockpit. Coby shook her head and gave Luke a short nod before she headed for the medbay.

Lucas Bird

Ella Lemaire


Zhong Qi

Coby Newton

NPCs - Nick #ADayLateAndADollarShort, Reeve #Ain’tNoPartyLikeAnUnemploymentParty


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