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The Spell You've Created

Posted on 03 Jun 2019 @ 7:19pm by Lucas Bird & Natalia Johnson

Mission: I Don't Care, I'm Still Free
Location: Cockpit
Timeline: After Luke/Qi

Luke hummed to himself, and flicked the recline lever on the pilots chair. The ship was fairly quiet, their guests seemed to be keeping to themselves for the most part, apart from meal times when they ate with the crew. All in all, things were looking shiny, and while he hadn't seen Tabitha since the passengers came on, Xiuling had assured him that she had seen Tabitha and that he wasn't to worry, so he didn't.

With a sigh, he turned the page of his book and carried on reading.

“Good book?” The door to the cockpit was full of Natalia, resplendent in a beautiful white dress that left her arms, shoulders and upper back naked to the world, save a rather thin shawl that half-arsedly attempted to cover them. Her blonde locks were pulled into a partial up-do that left the rest to flow around her exposed shoulders and was secured with an ornate jewelled clip. She looked fabulous.

Having not expected to be disturbed and being so engrossed in his book, Luke was a little surprised by the interruption, sitting up quickly and turning to look behind him. His eyes widened at the sight of the companion, who had clearly changed since dinner. He cleared his throat and forced his eyes to stay on her face, despite the sheer amount of skin she was currently showing.

"I... uh..." his brain seemed to flounder for a moment and he finally managed to tear his eyes away from her long enough to remember the book in his hands, and to register what she'd said when she walked in. "Yes, actually, I mean, it's just an old western, but it's an exciting read," He cleared his throat again and looked back at her. "Can I uh... help you with something?" he asked. Everyone else was asleep, he'd assumed that like the crew the passengers would be too... but then he supposed a companion might be used to late nights?

“No, thanks.” Natalia smiled back pleasantly. Westerns. There must have been a thousand of them, old, new, gunslingers and bootleggers, hustlers and confidence tricksters. The law, the anarchy, the black. It was a genre over subscribed but it reflected the situation of so many on the planets thereabout. It created heroes amongst the mundane and hope in the drudgery of life on these barren terraformed worlds.

“I just wanted to see the stars.” Natalia told Luke, slinking a step into the cockpit and peering outside of the screen behind him. “No offence of course but I find going too long without seeing out is... I like to feel... free. Do you know what I mean?”

Luke frowned a little when she said there wasn't anything she needed help with, if she didn't want him for anything then why was she up here? Unless she had come looking for Qi... But when she said why she was here he couldn't help but smile and turned to look out the front of the ship himself.

"Yeah, it's quite a view, makes you feel like you might just be the only ship floatin' around out here," he sighed wistfully. "It's definitely peaceful," he acquiesced, as he set his book down on the side, leaning back a little in the chair as he looked out the front of the ship. The black before them stretching on endlessly.

“May I, Captain?” Natalia indicated towards the copilot’s seat with a lazy flick of a dainty and bangled wrist whose adornments jangled in the quiet of the bridge.

Luke was starting to relax again now, having gotten over the surprise of her coming up to the cockpit in the first place, and the sheer amount of skin she'd decided to show. He wasn't blind after all.

"No, go right ahead," he said with a smile, not really seeing the harm in her taking a seat if she was going to be here a while. Natalia crossed in front of him and sat down. But she didn’t just sit down, she made a point of sitting down. Natalia sat down seductively. She sat down as if sitting were foreplay, slowly crossing her legs, letting the material of her long dress gently slide from her pale, toned calf to reveal a cute little white shoe that held her cute little white foot. She gave Luke a cute little white smile edged in rosy, glossed lips, looking about the area of the copilot’s chair as if it were the most exciting thing she had done in weeks.

“It’s all very confusing...” she pouted, looking over all the controls and gauges in her proximity.

Luke had decided to look back out of the forward viewport, but as she sat down, and a slender leg started to show, his gaze was dragged over to her, as though by some will other than his own. What the hell? He could quite easily walk around the boat without leering at Qi or Coby or Ella, what the hell was wrong with him, did he need to get laid that badly? He swallowed and cleared his throat determinedly picking up his book and going back to reading. Only, then she spoke, and he had no choice but to look over.

"I could show you the basics if you like, we're on auto-pilot right now..." so it wasn't like anything would get messed up, only Qi's warning rang in his head, was she just trying to mess things up for Qi?

Natalia smiled... pleasantly? Excitedly...? at the offer.

“If you will allow me to use your own words, Captain, the ship may have second class accommodation but that does not mean the experience of travel on your ship needs to be second class. The large liners are efficient... usually... but so impersonal a little instruction would be very welcome. Even a companion can expand her horizons, no?”

Luke blinked in confusion at the way she phrased her response, not sure if it was a thinly veiled insult to the way she felt they had been treated as passengers, or a back handed compliment. Still, she'd accepted his offer, so he stood and moved to stand next to her chair.

"So, that's the Nav-computer, and you use it with the controls down the right hand side," he said pointing to the screen and then moving to indicate the correct keys. "You can also switch displays for the screen, to uh..." he shifted a little and then leaned forwards to press the toggle button on the top left hand side of the screen, flipped through a couple of the different options.

He blinked. Gǒu shǐ! Natalia could read the confusion on Luke's face.

Never forget the male ego, they don’t like to hear what they have already admitted...

She watched him come closer with eyes that could beckon more astutely than any hand.

“I see...” she purred, watching him manipulate the controls. “I don’t want you to misunderstand me Captain, I meant that if we had taken another boring liner as planned we would not have had the opportunity to experience something unique... I would not be able to say I sat on the bridge in a pilot’s chair... or that I was instructed by the Captain himself...” she let the index fingernail of her right hand gently brush the under-side of his beard ever-so-lightly, but her gaze immediately returned to the console after the briefest flashes of a smile. Was she into him, or just being nice? She was walking the line, successfully or not remained to be seen.

"Well, I'm certainly no expert, but I know my way around," he said, before feeling her finger as it tickled the short scruffy beard on his chin. He blinked in surprise and looked across at her, their faces suddenly incredibly and uncomfortably close, where he saw the brief flash of a smile before it was gone and she was looking intently back at the controls. He cleared his throat and looked back at the screen too.

"So uh... That's the nav computer," he pressed the toggle "Those are your engine readouts," he pressed it again, "proximity scanner readout..." he floundered for a moment and found himself glancing down at the smooth and slender legs peeking out from underneath her dress, then his gaze moved up her body, taking in the way the white material perfectly encased every perfectly proportioned curve, that graceful neck, until he was once again looking at her face, more specifically into her eyes.

Jackpot. The fish was hooked. Natalia hid her inner smile and looked back into his eyes too with a look of innocent and unrestrained intensity, like suddenly the walls of propriety could come tumbling down and she would be all his. It was a look she had practised for hours and, When used correctly, never failed. She had to admit Luke was a fine looking man. It was so much easier to seduce the pretty ones.

“And these instruments... so much information... is this what you want to see?” She said so softly, laying on her accent just a hint more than normal, as if her guard were down, as if perhaps this was the real Natalia.

There was a look in her eyes, and Luke would have loved to say he wasn't taken in by it, but he was, and he slowly realised his breathing was shallow, and his heartbeat was quick. He swallowed, unable to take his eyes off her, and in the back of his mind he knew she was a companion, knew this was what she had been trained to do, but he hadn't offered to pay her, and maybe sometimes all a companion wanted was a human connection. He swallowed, and opened his his mouth to speak, and it only then occurred to him that he was never this useless with women, and what the hell was wrong with him anyway? Her hand... it ran up his arm and then to the back of his head, her eyes, gazing into his as if maybe, just maybe that were true. Her lips... so pretty, they were on his suddenly in a firm, passionate kiss that signified that no more dancing was needed by either of them. If only they had been dancing to the same music.

Her lips were warm and soft, and tasted of the lip paint she used, his eyes slid closed as his scalp tingled at the feeling of her fingers grazing the back of his neck. He pulled back enough to suck in a breath, but as he moved back in, his head started to swim. He felt suddenly woozy and disorientated, and tried to pull back but she was still kissing him. He opened his eyes and his vision was blurred, it looked like the ship was pitching and rolling like a boat on the water. She released him, and the expression on her face was nothing like it had been a moment ago, he couldn't understand it.

"I'm sorry I..." he mumbled, gripping the console for support, his legs suddenly weak as his vision darkened and he sagged to the floor with a muffled thump.

Out in the corridor, there was a click as the locks on the crew cabins engaged. Footsteps on the treads up to the cockpit and Luke tried to look to see what was happening, but as the figure came into view numbness and darkness overtook him. Adam stepped into the cockpit, stepped over Luke's nearly unconscious form and pulled his wife out of the chair, siding an arm around her waist as he pulled a makeup wipe from her pocket and wiped the chemical off her lips.

"Are you trying to make me jealous darling?" he said with a grin before pulling her in for a kiss.

Natalia smiled and was kissed, standing on tip-toes as she always did automatically with Adam, such was their difference in height. This was familiar, comfortable, wonderful… Yet somehow not quite as exciting as what had just happened, not that Natalia would ever dream of telling her husband.

“His beard was scratchy on my face...” she whined as Adam released her lips for talking. It was true, but a convenient assertion designed only to placate her partner. “The cook?”

He smiled, he knew she found seducing people exciting, thrilling, and he'd known it was part of the job she'd loved when he met her, he never stopped her doing what the job required because he knew in the long run it meant she wouldn't get bored of him.

"Will be in hand momentarily, I wanted to make sure the rest were secure in case she screamed, last thing we'd need is the golden hearted lummox rushing in to save her before you kissed him. "I'll get him in the nav chair, and leave you to tie him up? I need to help Bast secure his own interests.”

“A kiss and tying up on a first date? My my what will he think of me?” Natalia joked. This certainly wasn’t the first time she had tied someone up, the reasons of course varied depending on the mark. “I shall let you boys deal with the unsavoury then and keep an eye on the lummox here. Go, my love. Be careful...”

Adam grinned and laughed, before moving back around Luke to heft him into the Navigators chair. He grunted with the effort, Luke looked bulky in a good way but it wasn’t clear how much the man worked out until Adam was trying to lift him off the floor. “I’m glad you drew that straw, I wouldn’t fancy my chances Mano et Mano,” he kissed her on the cheek before heading for the door. “You too...”

Lucas Bird

Natalia Johnson

Adam Johnson


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